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The main objective of an event is to be remembered, leaving a lasting impression on those who took part in it, generating a train of shared memories. In planning and building each event, it is therefore necessary to be able to skillfully dose all the conceptual and creative components that contribute to its success: from architectural layout to graphic image,fromsetdesigntocontent,downto the smallest detail. What we take care of most is consistency to the basic creative concept, which must find harmonic expression in the individual parts.
Because of this, we pay the utmost attention to the creation of video and emotional content: corporate videos, intro themes, fascinationvideos,walk-in,slidepresentations andartists’performances.
If necessary, we provide copywriting assistance for speakers and we also design those elements that give harmony to the communication: invitations, gadgets and gifts, because the unity of experience is the key to memorability.

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